Last Minute Private Night Tour Hong Kong | The mythical car number plate No. 4

Gigi Chao and Sean Eav spotted at the Hong Kong Country Club, the brilliant Hong Kong car number plate 444 and a very hazy night at Victoria Peak.

Finally - I first spotted this gorgeous Rolls Royce with the mythical number plate 4 a few days ago but I was unable to get the shot.. this time I rock up to the W Hotel and there it was.... to say I was excited is an understatement and I took 20 images just to make sure. I am one happy camper.

This is Gigi Chao - her Dad Cecil offered a substantial reward to any bloke who could marry her and produce children... Gigi and her female marriage partner Sean actually walked past me on the way to the Hong Kong Country Club and said hello and I got this image of them on the way out... yahoo a famous person!! I really need to start reading Tatler magazine.

Gigi and Sean in their horrible little Tesla - I think the Tesla model S is fabulous but I hate this car.

Locally 4 translates to death so this number plate reads death, death, death!! I can't believe I got the 4 plate and the 444 plate on 2 consecutive days!

It is not often I go on top of the Peak Tower at the Peak, time constraints meant I had to settle for this image at night and not to shabby.

A sign at a local hospital

Dave and Michael enjoying the night time view from the Peak.

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Posted on November 5, 2014 .