Luxury Hong Kong Tours | The Peninsula Hotel Helicopter, an awesome ride

The Police have cleared the Mong Kok protest zone, driving a classic Mercedes Benz sports car and buying fresh fish at a market.

An "action" shot of the Peninsula Hotel helicopter taken from the roof of the Ocean Terminal - I wouldn't mind doing the helicopter tour it is just a tad expensive

There were 6,000 Police Officers in Mong Kong yesterday doing a long overdue clearance of the Protest Zone... yahoo!

Those are the serious guys kneeling down....

A classic Mercedes Benz sports car and the perfect car for a sunny Sunday drive

Zombie fish - not for the squeamish.

The Hong Kong Eye / The Hong Kong Wheel / The Giant Hamster Wheel - whatever you want to call it, it is still NOT open.....

That would be a tug in Hong Kong harbour then......

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Posted on November 27, 2014 .