Cultural Tourism Hong Kong | The creepy flower at the Flower Market in Hong Kong

Getting the death stare from Darth Vader, the young lady who sums up the pointless student protests and the wedding party at the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel.

I was at the flower market in Prince Edward yesterday and came across this positively creepy plant that looks vaguely human / cartoonish, it looks like some sort of fly eating pitcher plant.

Darth Vader alive and kicking in Hong Kong and giving me the death stare!

The young lady belongs in a library - image taken 25th November as the battle to clear the streets in Mong Kok starts.. the so called peaceful protesters are reacting violently (as they have done since day one) and it is time our Government dealt with this stupid protest decisively.

The Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel in Hung Hom is a firm favourite with wedding parties (it has a gorgeous staircase and killer views)...

One of the many creepy birds at the Bird Market in Kowloon

Ride a red roof minibus at your own peril!!!

One of my favourite Bentley's at the Four Seasons Place.. simply stunning.

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Posted on November 26, 2014 .