The Peak Tram Hong Kong | Hong Kong sunset image | Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

This Lamborghini owner is in no doubt as to his place in the Universe, a couple of Nepalese girls having a bitchy cat fight and the Christmas Decorations at the Ocean Terminal.

I got lucky today, I am not often at the Peak for sunset and I was just in time to catch this and it came out rather well... Cheung Chau Island is in the distance.

Oh lordy, what a magnificent specimen... an absolutely gobsmackingly brilliant Lamborghini with a great number plate VIP VIP - this gentleman is pretty darn sure of his place in the Universe.

These young Nepalese girls were really going at it... handbags at dawn!

The locals were as bemused as I was - naturally the young ladies were 3 sheets to the wind.

Ocean Terminal also goes a bit over the top with it's Christmas Decorations... and what is wrong with putting up a giant Christmas Tree anyway...

The very interesting Mong Kok street markets..

A lovely antique robe as seen in Teresa Coleman Fine Arts

We get all the odd balls here - this is a bunch of Hari Krishna's trying to convert Mainland Chinese tourists with little success.

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Posted on November 25, 2014 .