Discover Hong Kong | A horrible red tide attacks beaches in Hong Kong...

The quadruple 4 death car number plate, the moronic sleeping student and the helicopter that responds to medical emergencies on Cheung Chau.

I have never seen a red tide until today and it was a bit weird - it looked like the aftermath of a massive shark attack!! This is Cheung Chau beach today...

A lot of the great number plates I get is simply down to good luck, being in the right place at the right time and having my camera handy - this is quadruple death number... 4444  brilliant!!

This is one of the so called peaceful protesters at the Admiralty protest site, I am sick to death of these boorish, yobbish, moronic yahoo's who have completely lost grip on reality... the Mong Kok site has gone, 8 weeks of protest and the site was cleared in 2 hours and now the "student leaders" are acting like 5 years olds whinging and whining about Police brutality and giving the impression that we should be grateful that they are not going to try and retake Mong Kok!

Myself and the vast majority of people that live and work on Hong Kong Island are sick to death of being caught up in the massive traffic jams that occur daily on the Island. I am counting down the days until the goon squad clears out this rabble from Admiralty.


If there is a medical emergency on Cheung Chau Island they Government Flying Service sends a helicopter. Nice to know.

I just love these hydrofoils that are on the speed run to Macau.

The Star Pisces gambling ship docked at the Ocean Terminal.

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Posted on November 28, 2014 and filed under Rant of the Week.