Bespoke Tours in Hong Kong | Touring Hong Kong with Tom Hanks

The Devil's personal ride, a magnificent old Rolls Royce at the Peninsula Hotel and the cult of Rolex watches in Hong Kong.

Sure looks like Tom Hanks!!

As soon as I met Chris I was stopped in my tracks, he is the spitting image of Tom Hanks and even talked like him! which left me wondering if I spent 5 hours showing Tom Hanks around Hong Kong!

Every now and then the Peninsula Hotel displays this magnificent Rolls Royce outside the main entrance, quite a stunning car.

The car kind of suits the Devils image!

There are probably more Rolex's sold in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world, we seem to have thousands of shops selling this very fine brand of watch.

Probably best not to dwell on what lies just beneath this muddy pit in Tai O Fishing Village

A typical road scene in Western District on Hong Kong Island

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Posted on January 22, 2014 .