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Why you would not want to swim at Tai O Fishing Village, a very famous person buried in the Hong Kong Cemetery and a Karate Kid moment.

The famous Jenny Bakery, but why?

I stopped counting at 500 for the number of people in the queue

Sometimes I come across scenes that beggar belief and the lines that form outside Jenny Bakery outlets in Hong Kong fit the bill.

This is their Central Branch on Hong Kong Island and the queue snaked around the block, I stopped counting at 500 and the biggest percentage of people in the line where Mainland Chinese Tourists, word has got out!

It would appear that their cookies are the reason for this somewhat bizarre behaviour, they obviously have a secret psychotropic ingredient.. it makes no sense at all to me.

I was a bit slow to get the shot so apologies for the picture quality - the little brown blobby floating thing is "human effluence" and yes, the fish were nibbling on it!! the image was taken at the Tai O Fishing Village and it would appear that the plumbing in the stilt houses is somewhat basic... urrgggggg!!

I was in the Hong Kong Cemetery again and came across the grave of Sir Rober Ho Tung a very famous person in Hong Kong history.

A Karate Kid moment, wax on, wax off...  nice car by the way - I do love Maserati's.

The Mormom Church has a quite a presence in Hong Kong

Meet Helena and Sue, my clients from Canada, enjoying a warm sunny day at the Tai O Fishing Village.

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Posted on January 21, 2014 .