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Kids actually enjoying themselves on Cheung Chau Island,  working on bamboo scaffolding and the beast of Tai O Fishing Village.

One cannot help but snigger!

Over the years there have been some great Chinese company names that make you snigger and titter and such and this is one of my favourites,

I have to say that it is quite rare to see happy school children in Hong Kong, these primary school kids on Cheung Chau Island seem happy enough.. but then again it is a much slower place of life on Cheung Chau

Spotted these chaps working fairly high up on the bamboo scaffolding in San Po Kong - looks dangerous to me....

The beast of Tai O Fishing Village and quite a scary creature at that!

An old wooden window at the Tao Fishing Village

What an amazing car, this white Lamborghini with it's very lucky number plate sure attracted the crowds on Stanely Promenade.

The old Star Ferry Pier at Hung Hom, such a shame they cancelled this route.

The Star Ferry Pier in Central is a magnet for amateur photographers at certain times of the afternoon when the lighting makes for great images of ICC Building (118 floors) our tallest building

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Posted on January 23, 2014 .