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Policemen must actually learn to march in formation, why I hate photographs of myself and for some reason I attract the nutters

Eyes closed whilst driving at high speed

I am pretty sure this young lady was NOT blinking when I took this image, to me it looked like she was driving with her eyes closed, maybe she was enjoying the whole wind in the hair moment. 


I had no idea that this was an expat on his piddly little toy motorbike, this is not an image he would want on his facebook page, his only saving grace is he is not wearing leathers and frankly this is the epitome of plonkerism. 

Left march

I keep taking images of Policemen walking in formation, they must train hard to perfect this... the chap in the white shirt is an Inspector. 

Can you spot the plain clothes guy? 

The plain clothes copper is the one in conversation with the regular policeman.. the young chap with the blue and grey t-shirt looks like he has just learned to shave and should be in school... it is all part of our force's strategy to fool the bad guys. 

Just a bit too short

I hate my photograph being taken, for whatever reason I always look like I weigh about 500 bloody lbs so I try to avoid any photo's of me. 

You can see the problem in this image of this attractive young lady crossing the road at Statue Square, the camera angle paints a very unflattering portrait of those tiny shorts, this is NOT  a good look. 

The Chinese Fox Mulder

I was sat in a park near the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road minding my own business when I was approached by the gentleman in the photograph, what is it with me and nutters? 

This chap was probably late 60's and he spoke excellent English and over the course of 25 minutes gave me a fascinating monologue on a wide range of subjects ( I am not kidding) alluding to many conspiracy theories which would make Fox Mulder proud.

  • Li Ka Shing (Asia's richest bloke and a HK Resident) is behind all the scandals relating to our Government Ministers here in the past 18 months and he is aided and abetted by MI6 the British Spy Agency and the CIA
  • Li Ka Shing's two son's live in constant fear of assassination in Hong Kong 
  • Mainland China will break up into 7 different Republics
  • the New Chinese President is a puppet of the CIA

and it goes on an on... it was quite surreal but it was the fact that the guy looked like a beggar and yet spoke grammatically perfect English.....

A cofffin shop

I have never seen a funeral home like this before in Hong Kong.. just off Hollywood Road and the number of the street is entirely appropriate given that 4 translates to death... I am amazed that local people live in the apartments above this shop.

In their 70's

This couple had a lot of class, he in particular was very dapper and yet I estimated their ages to be early 70's.. the phrase we use in England is well preserved

Old fashioned aerials

It has been a long time since I have seen these old fashioned tv aerials... spotted near Hollywood Road

I guess I was spotted taking this photograph

I spend a fair bit of time car spotting on Chater Road outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and I am learning the faces... these chaps are Chauffeurs for the rich and famous. 


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Posted on September 26, 2013 .