Hong Kong Small Group Tours |The Metropole Building | Kings Road, North Point

The ever so smooth chrome / matte paint Bentley.. wow!, pages everyone should read at St. Johns Cathedral and getting the evil eye from my nemesis

This building on Kings Road in North Point is HUGE! 

I have seen a few of these huge buildings before on Nathan Road near Mongkok but never as big as this.. monstrous!! I imagine this to be one of the most interesting buildings in Hong Kong, imagine what goes on inside this building every day!! 

This is the Metropole Building. 

Oh my... I thought my gorgeous red Bentley was the most exotic Bentley I have ever seen but this one tops everything... chrome and matte paint.. I actually ran for about a minute to get this image, luckily it got caught in traffic near the Landmark Mandarin Hotel allowing me to take these images... WOW! 

Everyone should read these pages

In St. Johns Cathedral there is a small chapel that remembers those that gave their lives during the the 2nd World War.. these are some pages from a memorial book in the chapel. 

I am not a fan of poodles or poodle like dogs

Notice it giving me the evil eye. 

The no. 15c bus is quite fun when the sun is shining

This bus plies it trade between Central Piers and the Peak Tram terminus on Garden Road and it is a fun ride when the weather is nice! 

A lovely Rolls Royce

A very beautiful car with a great personalised number plate - who says that money can't buy you happiness? 

Incense doing it's thing

I do love the smell of burning incense and in the right conditions it makes for a nice image. 

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Posted on September 25, 2013 .