People I have come across this week in Hong Kong

Taoist Priests, old age kids, market workers, lookout men and the bloke with 10 bodyguards at the Peak

Another interesting week, I am always fascinated by the people I come across every week, certainly no shortage of the weird and wonderful... 

A few standouts:

  • the kid on the bus that was probably over 25 years old but looked about 12 years old, weird does not begin to describe him
  • at The Peak, 3 cars arrived, a bloke jumped out followed by what appeared to be 10 bodyguards, he could have been a Hong Konger but he could have been the head of the Chinese Army in Hong Kong... who knows
  • the Lookout Man - what a great title for a job

These are just 15 of the hundreds of people I encounter every week. 

The images are shown in a grid format and clicking on the thumbnail images will show them in full size, hovering over the bottom left of the image  ( in full size ) will give a description and click on the arrow to move along.

Enjoy the images.

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 If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

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Posted on September 27, 2013 .