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The demise of Asian House in Wanchai, Spandex Nutters are getting more numerous by the week and even our Financial Secretary has to deal with traffic.


What a lovely building

Dating back to 1916 the Helena May building is what our Government calls a Declared Monument and is in essence a Private Club for Ladies. It is directly opposite the American Consulate on Garden Road and about 200 yards from the Peak Tram Terminal. 

So now you know. 

Asian House on Hennessy Road in Wanchai, the end is nigh. 

Long term residents of Hong Kong will probably remember this huge ugly building and I can only think of 3 reasons why people might possibly remember it..

  1. it had a huge Post Office at Street Level
  2. it had a huge McDonalds at Street Level
  3. it housed a Petrol Station

oh.... my old man used to work in the PCCW Telephone Exchange which is next to the yellow Citybus on the right of the image, in those days it was called Cable & Wireless and then Hong Kong Telephone. 

Other than that the building really did not have any redeeming features despite it's huge size.

It looks like the end is nigh as it is now fully encased in bamboo scaffolding which for a building like this means only one thing - demolition. I doubt many will shed a tear. 

My new favourite species in Hong Kong - the Spandex Nutters. 

Hong Konger's can be oh so predictable, all it takes is for one minor TV / Film / Music celebrity to start a craze and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I for one will not be joining in on this particular craze mainly because fat people should never wear spandex nor should people who have less than perfect physiques as it looks faintly ridiculous. (particularly the male pants which have a groin pouch - use your imagination)

This couple were actually cycling up Magazine Gap Road (which goes to the Peak) but had the good sense to ride on the pavement as I am sure they would have gotten themselves killed on this dangerous road., but by golly they looked the part.

Even our Financial Secretary gets stuck in traffic in Central District.

The No. 23 bus hurtling down Garden Road by St. Joseph's Church. 

A boat in Sai King Harbour

The Louis Vuitton flagship store at the Landmark in Central District. 

Here are some useless facts - we have about 1,800 people qualified to assemble / remove bamboo scaffolding and HK imports about 5 million bamboo rods a year., so now you know. 

There used to be a sign behind the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson in Statue Square that said Princes Building so most people assumed he was a Prince rather than a banker! now it is the Ralph Lauren shop sign, how very sad. 

2 coppers taking sanctuary in the iconic Sunbeam Theatre in North Point, that sounds almost poetic. 

Up close and personal with a pigs heart at the North Point Wet Market - yuk. 

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Posted on October 8, 2013 .