The astronomical odds of seeing the No. 1 car number plate

The Stanley Street Photography Stores are fast disappearing, scooters are not common in Hong Kong compared to other Asian Cities and the peace loving copper.

wow, but who owns it? 

We have over 505,000 private cars in Hong Kong (and not enough roads) so the odds of seeing this number plate at any given moment are astronomical but I figured that going to one particular spot on a Sunday would increase my chances and I got lucky.

I am totally confused about the "owner" of this highly prized number plate, in theory it belongs to the Commissioner of Police and the fact that it is a VW car bears this out (many of our senior Government Ministers have a chauffeur driven VW) BUT I am also pretty sure that I saw an old Rolls Royce a couple of months ago with the No. 1 plate... 

Notwithstanding that I am pretty darn pleased to have finally got an image of this elusive number plate but this does not mean I am king of the anoraks.

One of the few remaining camera shops on Stanley Street

Buying a camera in Hong Kong is problematical particularly if you are a visitor and get scammed by the camera shops on Nathan Road in Kowloon, one thing you could always count on was the old and old fashioned camera stores on Stanley Street in Central District on Hong Kong Island. 

I was on Stanley Street recently and there are now only 3 of these camera shops left and you get the feeling that these won't last much longer and jewellery stores like Chow Tai Fook will soon take over... a real shame

I still prefer to shop at Fortress, they are not the cheapest (they are a chain store) but you cannot beat their reliability and customer service. 

If looks could kill! 

Compared to most other Asian countries Hong Kong does not have many scooters which is probably just as well if this chap is anything to go by.... 


Amazingly you see very few solar panels in Hong Kong despite the fact that most are made in China and we get an awful lot of sunshine. 

Roka, a restaurant in Pacific Place does amazingly well as it is right next to the entrance to the J.W. Marriott Hotel and is an easy choice for Hotel Guests.

So what's in a name? Possession Street is where the Brits planted a flag to claim Hong Kong in January 1841, do not expect to find any recognition of this historical site. 

You have no idea how popular "brands" for kid's clothes are here.. it makes one shake one's head in disbelief. 

Our MTR has a ludicrous rule that if you take a bike onto the train you must remove the front wheel which hardly reduces the footprint of the bike at all.. petty bureaucrats are everywhere. 

Looking at West Kowloon and the magnificent ICC Building, 118 floors with the Ritz Carlton Hotel on the top 16 floors. 

Nice bike... I am not as anorakish about bikes as I am cars. 

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 If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

If you are stuck for something to do, contact me, I take last minute bookings

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Posted on October 7, 2013 .