Best Private Tour in Hong Kong | The HK$5 note sadly no longer in circulation

5 gorgeous cars I photographed in about an hour, a couple of places I have lived over the years and the not so intimidating gang of youths.

I imagine it is NOT a rare banknote but I have not seen one since the 1970's.

I appreciate my memory is getting a bit fuzzy as I get older but I cannot remember seeing a HK$5 note since the 1970's. 

I was at HSBC changing some coins when a German lady next to me changed a whole load of old coins and this banknote which she had, had from her last visit to Hong Kong in the mid 1970's so I asked the chap behind the counter if I could keep the note and he duly obliged. 

I figured that if he agreed to hand it over then (he is a notes / coins expert) it was probably worthless but for me a little piece of history so I am going to look after it. 

I  am always looking for new places to do a bit of car spotting, my new favourite place is Magazine Gap Road near Bowen Road, even on a quiet working day it is simply amazing just how many super cars pass by in a short space of time.... it probably has something to do with that Magazine Gap Road leads to the Peak and even on this road the average "tenant" is in the poor rich class.

I lived in this old apartment block on Bowen Road from 1972 to 1974

We lived here on Hillwood Road from 1989 - 1993

Not exactly a gang of ruffian's, it looks more like a football team! 

Who know's what wonders and services await at the top of these stairs. 

Sasa - cheap brand name cosmetics (I even shop here) and almost as invasive as Chow Tai Fook on the streets of Hong Kong. 

Causeway Bay - not quite as eye catching as the sexy girls doing the same thing in Mongkok in Kowloon, I was the only one taking a picture. 

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Posted on October 6, 2013 .