Streets of Hong Kong Premium Private Tours | Those nasty wild monkey's in Shatin

Some rather outrageous shoes, the waterfront landscaping in Central seems to have stalled and the old Fire Station at the end of the runway at the old Kai Tak Airport

I am a frequent visitor to the 10,000 Buddha Monastery in Shatin and it is well known that there are packs of wild monkey's roaming the area.. other than my run in last December with a particularly aggressive beast, sightings are rare, so imagine my surprise last week to come across about 20 of them within the Monastery grounds.

They seemed quite playful but if you got to close then they would show their very large teeth and hiss at you. 

The large female monkey with the baby had a very nasty injury on her leg which did not seem to bother her at all. 

So, all in all an interesting encounter and I managed not to get bitten.

Not at all practical but very popular here

This is supposed to be the new waterfront park in Central next to the Star Ferry, work seems to have stopped as we have weeds rather than lush grass and tree's..... 

If you flew into our old airport prior to 1998, you may remember this old fire station at the end of the runway.. it is no longer in use but is a poignant reminder of the old days...

Obviously a mutant fish that has been exposed to radiation of some sort... caught in Sai Kung

If her hand was just a bit further down he really would have a reason to smile - on the road near Stanley.

A truck in Central, amazingly I met the couple in the background a few miles away later in the day, they were from Ireland and they had stopped me to ask for directions.. a real Twilight Zone moment

A moody atmospheric shot of buildings at the Western end of Hollywood Road

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Posted on October 5, 2013 .