Hong Kong Private Tour | The jywalking socialite in Hong Kong

The stuff on a Policeman's belt, pre-wedding photography at Stanley and the work of art in Statue Square, Central.

Getting a ticket for jaywalking! 

I was shaking my head in disbelief at this scene, the socialite here decided to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing whilst the traffic was moving, under the nose's of 4 traffic wardens and 6 policemen!, quite obviously her mind was elsewhere and rightly so she got a ticket for jaywalking. Duh. 

The Policeman's belt

Sometimes our coppers struggle to walk with all of the stuff on their belt and I am more than a bit fascinated as to what lurks inside those bags other than standard Police gear., mind you the gun is a bit old fashioned, revolvers are so 1970's. 

Love is in the air

The happy couple

I always think that the pre - wedding photography here is a bit contrived and artificial and I hardly think that Stanley counts as an exotic location but this couple seemed happy enough! 

My favourite bit of art in Statue Square

....and Sir Thomas Jackson, the only statue in Statue Square

A very sweet Lamborghini and impressive number plate

A butterfly that actually didn't fly off

It was very obliging

A fairly low key building in between Chater House and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central


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Posted on October 11, 2013 .