Discover Hong Kong | The Hong Kong Motorbike Show 2013 at Statue Square

The wailing banshee beggar that hangs around Queens Road Central, the dog that thinks it's a horse and a gorgeous red Ferrari.

Oh my..... paid a visit yesterday to the Hong Kong Motorbike show which was held on Chater Road in and around Statue Square and what a blast we had. 

The bikes on display were simply magnificent and as is usual the most popular stands were the ones that had scantily clad ladies pouting on the machines which was a bit of an eyeopener for our youngest Jack (14) 

There were quite a few aging bikers with some amazing Harley's on display but for me the highlight was the sheer number of speed machines on show - it is just a shame that a fat, middle aged, just had the mid life crisis bloke such as myself looks just a bit daft on one of these rockets on wheels. 

This beggar is well known in Central District, she is stark raving mad and should be in the loony bin but the coppers won't go anywhere near her as she starts screaming at them if try and move her along. 

This dog was bloody enormous and the very nice lady owner assured me that humans were not on the menu - spotted at Shek O

We have many Ferrari's prowling the streets of Hong Kong and I am a huge fan of the traditional red colour, the only other colour I like for a Ferrari is white and that only works on certain models. 

Perhaps rather than giving me the death stare he should concentrate on the road / traffic

He might have managed a smile! 

The scooter that wouldn't look out of place in a Batman movie

A flyover in Shau Kei Wan at the eastern end of Hong Kong Island

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Posted on October 28, 2013 .