With Locals Hong Kong Tours | Sex sells at The Hong Kong Motorbike Show 2013

The stark raving mad bloke at Shek O Beach, John Woo's production office in Hong Kong and meet the Fentons

The Hong Kong Motorbike Show 2013 was a rip roaring success but as usual the most popular stands had these lovely young ladies pouting / flirting which probably detracted from the actual business of selling the motorbikes! 

This bloke flexing his butt cheeks must have been stark raving mad and I have to say that it was all rather amusing - Shek O beach on a Sunday, just visit. 

This is Shek O Beach at the eastern end of Hong Kong Island, super fine sand, big waves and a friendly atmosphere, a bit of a sod to get to but that is a minor issue - terrific! 

Yes, this really is the production office that belongs to John Woo the famous action movie director! 

Another great day - thanks to Julia, Louisa and Kate from Australia - boy, I have the greatest job in the world! 

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Posted on October 29, 2013 .