Old Town Central | Upper Lascar Row aka Cat Street is well worth a visit

The wild dogs that roam around the Giant Buddha on Lantau, scooter guys and the oddly named Gutzlaff Street.

Much better thn it looks in this image!

Upper Lascar Row runs parallel to Hollywood Road at the Sheung Wan end and is very close to the famous Man Mo Temple so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Forget the seemingly hundred's of expensive "antique" shops on Hollywood Road and pop to this street instead where you can spend hours browsing for knick knacks at very reasonable prices. 

Upper Lascar Row is also known as Cat Street (which is very confusing) and is always mentioned in the guide books. The place is never really that busy which makes it easier to bargain with the stall / shop owners and the stuff on sale is generally not what you would find at the Temple Street Night Market or the Ladies Market.

When you visit the Big Buddha on Lantau Island you will often see packs of wild dogs, although they seem sleepy and non threatening I have seen them get very aggressive towards people so be warned... and probably not a good idea to offer them food. 

At least this chap didn't stare at me and kept his eyes on the road... 

Named after a 19th Century Prussian chap who made Hong Kong his home, situated in Central close to the Graham Street Wet Market

Looking absolutely stunning on a sunny day - the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Amazing, a copper actually issuing a parking ticket! 

Located around Gutzlaff Street / Graham Street this bizarre shop sells everything from bra's to toys to knick knacks. 

A very brave chap indeed spending his working day weaving in and out of heavy traffic. 

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Posted on October 27, 2013 .