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Cheung Chau Island is well worth a visit, The Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden should be on everyone's top 5 places to visit in Hong Kong, the HASHTAG Lamborghini, getting the evil eye from a passing Police Patrol Car, the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson and the sad lady on the MTR.

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Cheung Chau Island

It has long been my favourite of the outlying islands in Hong Kong and sadly I do not visit there often enough, accessible by ferry you need to allow 4 hours minimum (including transport time) to make the visit worthwhile but trust me it is worth the effort.

Yes, the chap in the image above is a native of Cheung Chau and he is sporting a mighty impressive tattoo plus a meat cleaver scar! but like the rest of Hong Kong, Cheung Chau is a very safe place!

For me Cheung Chau is all about ambling around and exploring the back streets, it is all but impossible to get lost... it has a hotel, a beach, cafe's and restaurants, oh and NO cars and it is so NOT LIKE the rest of Hong Kong.

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The Chi Lin Nunnery, located in Diamond Hill in Kowloon and one of my favourite places to visit in Hong Kong, it is just so serene and the beauty of the Nunnery is in stark contrast to the surrounding districts of Wong Tai Sin and Choi Hung. (lots of ugly social housing)

My only gripe is they simply can't leave the place alone, they always seem to be fixing things and these fixes can take months thus spoiling some great photo opportunities.

Oh... and the sighting of a Nun at the Nunnery is like the sighting of Bigfoot!

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The Nan Lian Garden, adjacent to the Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill, Kowloon

The Nan Lian Garden is part of the Nunnery and is connected by a bridge that goes across a busy road, to be honest I prefer the Garden to the Nunnery as it has a very nice cafe and an even better restaurant ( vegetarian of course ) and the bonsai trees are simply magnificent! and if you like koi fish then you will be mightily impressed with the huge koi pond.

So, just to remind you, both the Nunnery and the Garden are in the top 5 places to visit in Hong Kong and I love to take people there on one of my private tours.

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The HASHTAG Lamborghini

As mentioned in my last post , what I love about our car owners is a lot of them like to do personalised number plates and some can be quite amusing..... I really like this one and only a Lamborghini or a McLaren can get away with this shade of green!!


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Do a Private Tour in between business meetings

I do quite a few tours for high powered executives who never see the outside of meeting rooms and hotel rooms - book me for 4 or 5 hours and I can give a very solid introduction into this great city and I am available to do night tours if this is more convenient.

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The Hong Kong Police Force

Very professional they are.... I do a lot of car photography and whenever a Police Patrol Car goes by I get the evil eye, this is the sign of a very professional Policeman as I certainly pass as a bit of a dodgy character.

Good job lads and lasses.

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My favourite photograph that I have taken in Hong Kong

A lot of photographers will tell you that luck plays a big part in getting the perfect shot and I agree,,, I am not a professional photographer or even a gifted amateur but I do have a very impressive camera and every now and then, bingo! the young lady in the image was looking to her right and turned her head at the very moment I took the shot.

She looks a bit sad to me.

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Bentley, awesome car

I love Bentley's particularly this one, the chap who owns this TSB Bentley is on his 3rd as I far I can tell, he sure likes to upgrade when a new model comes out... his last one was a milky chocolate brown color... what a beautiful and elegant car and when I make my millions I will be sure to add one like this to my collection.

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Sir Thomas Jackson, BART.

3rd Chief Manager of HSBC, he lords over Statue Square in Central and in front of HSBC Headquarters. He is an imposing chap who put HSBC on the map.... he was Irish and had 9 children ( remember no TV and Instagram in those days )

I like him a lot and it is entirely appropriate that the only statue in Statue Square is a money guy and Hong Kongers are all about the money.

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The Butchers Club Burger Place

Every now and then I crave a hot dog or a burger.... I really like the burgers at the Butchers Club.


Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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