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Lugard Road at the Peak suffers a lot of Typhoon damage, Sai Ying Pun in Western District is sometimes described as Chinatown!, The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park - quite lovely, my 25 year old niece celebrates her birthday in style, the Aqua Luna Fishing Junk and the sign writing muppets that work for the Hong Kong Government.

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Lugard Road

It has been 5 years since we had a bad typhoon in Hong Kong and the one we had a week ago caused quite a bit of damage as you can see.

This is the road you walk along to get to my famous spot at the Peak - Lugard Road and quite famous at that... it took them almost a week to clear all the debris.

On a sunny day it is a fabulous walk and then you simply see the greatest city view in the world.

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Sai Ying Pun in Western District

This District is sometimes referred to as Chinatown (!) and I know what they mean as well... it is an relatively old District in the western part of Hong Kong Island and it was like going back 50 years in time.. the image of dried sea slugs is very common in the area.

In addition there are literally hundreds of Chinese "Medicine" Shops selling dried sea food, sharks fins and all sorts of dodgy looking stuff that will make you queasy - the street is also known as Dried Seafood Street.

The MTR (our fabulous subway system) now goes to Western and the best station to exit is Sai Ying Pun so now it is so much easier to visit this somewhat interesting place..... oh and the artwork in the subway station is amazing.

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The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Western District

Sun Yat Sen - The Founding Father of the Republic of China and essentially responsible for the end of the reign of Emperors in China... so an important chap by all accounts.

Him and 3 friends known as the FOUR BANDITS spent a lot of time in Hong Kong plotting and scheming and so he is important enough to warrant his own park / statue and what a lovely place it is.

The green grass space is large enough to be a cricket pitch and amazingly you are allowed to sit on the grass!! because of it's somewhat remote location (vis a vis downtown) it has taken my years to visit but I must say it is just lovely and you get some lovely views at the waterfront as well.

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The NEON Lamborghini

The young lady above is our gorgeous niece Jennifer and we celebrated her 25th birthday at the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel in Whampoa, nice evening and nice buffet but as usual for me the highlight of the evening was Jenny posing by this somewhat lurid and very distinctive Lamborghini Huracan


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Meet the Rubins

From left to right - Seth, Spencer, Harrison and Aimee

What a lovely day we had and thanks guys for booking one of my private tours.... here we are at the Peak enjoying the fabulous views from my spot at the Peak.

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The Aqua Luna

Very nice and an iconic sight in Hong Kong on a daily basis now that there are two of them! highly recommended.

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The Macau Ferries

A lot of people who visit Hong Kong take a side trip to Macau, it is known as the Las Vegas of Asia with over 50 Casinos.

The favourite way to get there is on these massive high speed ferries.

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Lamborghini, awesome car

I love Lamborghini's - we currently only have 2 models you can buy new in Hong Kong, the entry level (!) Huracan and the in your face Aventador shown above which with the proper modifications sounds like a screaming banshee.

Truly magnificent.

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The muppets in the LCSD.

There is just something about those moronic muppets that work for our Government that drives me to distraction... they go to the effort of creating a new fishing spot on the waterfront on Hong Kong Island and then spoil it all with these idiotic signs.

Here is one of my favourite definitions of these muppets "they are self-important tosspots who thinks they are in charge. Someone who makes up arbitrary and/or self-serving rules and has a tantrum if they aren't obeyed. They tend to have a park-keeper/traffic-warden mentality; rules are Law and rules come first. They can't handle people who threaten their authority"

In a nutshell.

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My spot at the Peak, Lugard Road

Just a few days after the Typhoon the sun was back out and this was the view.


Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy