Private Hong Kong Tour | Those embarrassing, childish safety messages on the MTR

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Amy - the amazing tour guide | owner of Hong Kong Greeters, trolling around in a gorgeous white Ferrari, the Beacoms from Northern Ireland visit Hong Kong, the magnificent view from Barker Road at Victoria Peak, selfies at my spot at Victoria Peak and those awesome dumplings at Din Tai Fung.

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I am a huge fan of the MTR (Subway) in Hong Kong, we spend a lot of time on my private tours zipping between places on the MTR. There is one thing that really annoys me and it is a "Hong Kong thing", ie a cultural thing...... simply put, it is this stupid idea that bad things are not so bad if you cartoonise the issue like they do with this Public Service Safety Message.

A few months back we had a truly horrific incident on the MTR where a complete fruitcake set fire to a carriage on a crowded train, it could have been a lot worse and fortunately it is an extremely rare occurrence, however since then the MTR has gone into overdrive with their safety messages which I find insulting, we are not 5 year old's.

Amazingly a day after the incident (in one of busiest stations) it was if nothing had happened and it was wiped from the collective Hong Kong consciousness.

The problem is that even the Hong Kong Government does the same thing, it is very common to see Ambulances plastered with moronic cartoon characters and my favourite is the ones at the beaches going on about shark attacks and they have a cartoon character spewing blood all over the place....

Serious messages need to be serious (like cigarette packaging) - this is how people remember.

Rant over.

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Amy of Hong Kong Greeters

Isn't she lovely.... this is my great friend Amy and fellow Private Tour Guide in Hong Kong... if I am busy I will refer you to Amy plus she also has a car for people who have trouble walking or where a trip to the outer limits is on the cards and she is just fabulous with kids.

Oh... did I mention she has put the Tai O Fishing Village on the map.. awesome Amy!

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Awesome Ferrari

If I was minted I would certainly have a couple of Ferrari's in my 28 car stable, although very common in Hong Kong they are still head turners and I do like this lovely white Ferrari, not my favourite colour I have to say (I am traditional, I love a red Ferrari) but we did have the moment, ie with the road ahead clear he zoomed off at a very rapid speed... AWESOME!

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Victoria Peak | The Peak

Meet the Beacoms from Northern Ireland, from right to left - Gareth, Tracy, Annah and Adam enjoying the amazing views at my spot at the Peak. Visiting the Peak is one of the highlights of my private tours of Hong Kong.... thanks guys, it was lovely meeting you.

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Victoria Peak, Barker Road

Yup, still at the Peak but this time on Barker Road, home to the elite of Hong Kong's society including Jack Ma of Alibaba fame (amongst others). Isn't that an amazing view... in nice weather walking down from the Peak via Barker Road to May Road is just splendid.

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The magnificent view from my spot at Victoria Peak

Now that is a common sight at Victoria Peak, an Iphone on a selfie stick to take advantage of the best city view in the world, I love my spot at Victoria Peak, it is very special.

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Din Tai Fung Dumplings

I am a huge fan of Din Tai Fung a Taiwanese chain who have 4 restaurants in Hong Kong and in my humble opinion they have the best dumplings in Hong Kong... not that I am a foodie mind and no, I do NOT do Food Tours.... but I am quite partial to their food if the opportunity arises.

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McLaren sports cars

I am a huge McLaren fan, I think they are awesome cars but for me white does not work on this car, it looks much better in orange, blue or green! still I would never complain.... this one turned up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with a mighty roar and the fan boy inside of me went into overdrive.

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Hong Kong Police Force

It's true, Hong Kong is officially one of the safest places in the world and that is primarily because we have one of the most professional Police Forces in the world and that is something all Hong Konger's should be proud of.

On a more humorous note sometimes I have to laugh, even I reckon I could outrun some of the beat policeman probably because of all the crap they have to put on their belts and with others they have obviously eaten too many dumplings!

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Victoria Peak Garden

The chap in the distance is my great friend Jacky who drove us up to Victoria Peak Garden, a place of history (which you have to really search for!) and some spectacular views which cannot be seen anywhere else.... so well worth a visit.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy