Private Guided Tours Hong Kong | The "Chopsticks" up on Stubbs Road, Hong Kong.

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Jamie | Founder of J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Offering Award Winning Private Tours of Hong Kong

Laura - the amazing tour guide | owner of Hello Hong Kong and Hello Singapore, an awesome white Porsche Turbo at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai, the Staffords from England visit Hong Kong, the magnificent view from my spot at the Peak, shopping in the famous Ladies Market and those awesome chocolate creations in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Hong Kong Private Tours

The Chopsticks on Stubbs Road

I am always amazed when I look at the Chopsticks on Stubbs Road on Hong Kong Island - the Summit and Highcliff apartment blocks seem to defy gravity and always look on the point of toppling over in the slightest puff of wind.

A jolly good job earthquakes are not a threat here.... and I have to say that I would dearly love to lie at the top of either block, simply magnificent views.

Hong Kong Private Tour

Laura, owner of Hello Hong Kong and Hello Singapore

Isn't she lovely.... Laura is the quintessential English rose and owns and operates two highly successful and very highly rated private tour companies and she spends her time flitting between Hong Kong and Singapore making sure everything runs like clockwork.

Laura is a great friend and I am a huge admirer of her drive and passion in making sure her companies offer travellers the best experience possible.

oh... did I mention she has a a fabulous cat called Keko who reminds me of Garfield and has a liking for Baileys Irish Cream!

Click on the images to see all of Laura's brilliant tour guides in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hong Kong Private Tour

Awesome Porsche 911 Turbo

If I was seriously minted I would certainly have a Porsche 911 Turbo in my stable of cars (although I do love the Porsche GT 3 RS as well) I am not sure white works for me though... decisions, decisions!

This car with the strange number plate belongs to a young chap who appears to have traded in his McLaren (famous for it's colour changing every few months using pvc wraps) it must be brilliant to be that minted and good luck to him.... I have zero issues with people blowing huge amounts of money on beautiful cars.

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The Peak

Meet the Simmons from England, from left to right - Keith, Cameron, Michelle, Jazzy and Francesca enjoying the amazing views at my spot at the Peak. Visiting the Peak is one of the highlights of my private tours of Hong Kong.... thanks guys, it was lovely meeting you and what lovely weather we had....

Hong Kong Private Tours

The Peak, my spot

Yup, still at the Peak and isn't that just a simply magnificent view! on a clear, sunny day the view is breathtaking and I will take you there on one of my private walking tours of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Private Tours

The Ladies Market

I have mixed feelings about the Ladies Market in Hong Kong, it sells stuff, it is seedy and crowded, fakes abound, the vendors are sullen and a little aggressive (and always seem to be eating lunch) but you know what, it is iconic and I actually love to visit as do my guests... open daily from about 12pm to 11pm.

Hong Kong Private Tours

The Rolls Royce

I have always been a fan of Rolls Royce cars ever since I was a kid.. I have always been fascinated by who actually steps out of the back of the car when it pulls up at a Hotel.. here at the Grand Hyatt Hotel this gorgeous Rolls pulled up and a rather dodgy character stepped out and hobbled into the lobby, by the way the staff were fawning over him I guessed he was rich, famous and a regular visitor... stuff like this is like a narcotic rush for some people.

I could get used to people fawning over me.

Hong Kong Private Tours

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Chocolate Creations

I am a huge fan of the chocolate creations on display in the Cafe Causette on the "M" floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central... this one is one of my personal favourites, the guys that make these, well they are at the top of their game.

Hong Kong Private Tours

Victoria Peak Garden at the Peak

A little hidden gem in Hong Kong and one that I do not visit often enough mainly because it is a 40 + minute walk uphill from the Peak Tower... a car comes in very handy to visit this place.

There are plenty of photo opportunities to be had, not least of which is a great view of the "weather station" which I imagine is a top secret Chinese Military Installation....I am referring to all of those antenna in the background.

Hong Kong Private Tours

Kowloon Peak - The Weather Station

On Kowloon side sits Kowloon Peak, there is also a "weather station" up there.... well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't...

The views are awesome though.

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy