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Hello, I'm Jamie.  45 years living in Hong Kong - How local do you want to get?

Private Tours in amazing Hong Kong, former British Colony from 1841 - 1997

The girl with Hello Kitty Tattoo, a gorgeous Bentley at the back of the iconic Peninsula Hotel, why you should visit the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island, the Tarif Check crew from Germany visit Stanley, the awesome Ford Mustang GTO and remembering the old rickshaws from Hong Kong's distant past.

Hong Kong Private Tours

This is Room 336 of the Peninsula Hotel and very important at that....

Over its long history The Peninsula has been the scene of many historic events. In Room 336, the documents representing the surrender of Hong Kong to the Japanese were signed on Christmas Day, 1941 by General C. M. Maltby and Sir Mark Young, the Governor of Hong Kong.

It is a shame that there isn't a brass plaque on the wall to mention this, I imagine this is so it does not annoy any Japanese guests.... and yes, I took the picture and yes I fully understand the Hotels reluctance to publicise this story.

Hong Kong Private Tour

Meet our Tim, Tim, my younger brother died in Hong Kong on June 16th 2001 from a heart attack - he loved Hong Kong and spent 28 of his 33 years here and he was a great photographer. Miss you lad, we all miss you.

Hong Kong Private Tour

This is a classic case of Hong Kong culture, this young Hong Kong lady with a Hello Kitty tattoo.. I have never understood this obsession with this Japanese Cartoon Character and I guess that is the point.

Hong Kong Private Tours

I love to go to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, you get three for the price of one

  1. The awesome cable car ride through the mountains
  2. The simply magnificent 112 foot bronze Big Buddha
  3. The fantastic new Po Lin Monastery which is just jaw dropping

OK, so the Ngong Ping village is rubbish (but it does have clean bathrooms and some decent restaurants) and it can get crowded but so what, it is a fabulous day out (I have been well over a hundred times) and these days you can also get up close and personal with cows.

Just do it.

Hong Kong Private Tours

At the back of the Peninsula Hotel recently I spotted this absolutely gorgeous Bentley, I do love my Bentley's and I love this champagne gold colour

Hong Kong Private Tours

This is the Tarif Check crew from Germany, the MD and his team were in Hong Kong for a conference and booked a private tour of Hong Kong with me. I love Germans, they do have a sense of humour (note they are all wearing face masks) and they really enjoyed their time in Hong Kong in particular time spent in Stanley.

Hong Kong Private Tours

I have had a love affair with American Muscle Cars since the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt in 1968 where there was a fabulous car chase involving a Ford Mustang - this is the 2017 model of a classic car, the Ford Mustang GTO... wow!!

Hong Kong Private Tours

The absolutely iconic Rickshaw, sadly no longer in use - the first Rickshaw arrived in Hong Kong in 1874 (having being "invented by a white missionary" in Japan in 1868 - at it's peak in the early 1900's there were around 3,000 rickshaws in Hong Kong.  Just a little reminder of the old days of Public Transport in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Private Tours

What's this then? this is a place you can do your laundry on Lamma Island but you have to be a bit suspicious of a place that is storing enough beer to keep a stadium full of people happy! amazing.

Hong Kong Private Tours

This is a Hong Kong hearse, traditional style - we do have one or two modern car style hearses but this is the main one, quite an oddity isn't it!

I do private walking tours around Hong Kong, I am on the streets every day and I have a somewhat interesting perspective of this wonderful city I have called my home for 45 years. My private walking tours are perfect for visitors who want a detailed overview of Hong Kong prior to exploring on their own and for people who are only here for a day or two who want to make the most of their limited time here.

Many clients book me for their first full day in Hong Kong, they get to see the best that Hong Kong has to offer + a crash course on our wonderful public transport system and then they go exploring for the rest of their stay armed with step by step instructions and recommendations from me....

I am available at very short notice, I get many last minute bookings and may well be available even if you arrive in Hong Kong without making plans! so please check my calendar, simply send me a message for a prompt reply.

I also offer a candid and very personal view of what it is like to live in Hong Kong for over 4 decades.

...oh, and if you book a tour then you are booking a tour with me, I do not employ other guides, so explore this great city with one of the best tour guides in Hong Kong.

All images taken with a Sony RX 1r mark 2 camera - it produces amazing images!

Jamie's private walking tours - no ordinary experience

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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