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Awesome supercars made more awesome with a pvc wrap, how to make a bicycle rider look like a muppet with one pose, more lucky no. 8 advertising, an old geezer cleans the streets and the importance of being a snitch.

There are a lot of people who think the Tai O Fishing Village is a tourist trap, this is simply NOT the case... it is one of my favourite places to visit and actually most of the visitors are Hong Kong residents... it's remote location means it is very quiet during the week and I would heartily recommend that anyone visiting Hong Kong makes the long journey so see this rather unique place - I would be happy to take you if you book one of my private walking tours.... frankly, the best way to see Tai O is by foot.

PVC wrap has become quite trendy in Hong Kong and I love the concept, on some cars it looks fabulous like this normally yellow Lamborghini Huracan, the owner who has really transformed his car has made it a real head turner.

I was lucky to catch it in the car park of the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel... bumping into awesome cars is common on one of my private tours of Hong Kong.

No less awesome is this quite famous (in Hong Kong) Lamborghini Aventador which causes some real Linda Blair 360o head turns, quite magnificent it is and it over the tops most over the top cars in Hong Kong.

There is just something about an American Muscle Car and this is one of my favourites, the Ford Mustang GT, it is a real brute and the owner has used a quite gorgeous pvc wrap.. amazing.

Honestly, the guy on the bicycle was made to look like a complete muppet by the young man on the Ninja Motorbike... just to further embarrass our intrepid cyclist he kept revving the engine which sounded wonderful.... this is NOT how you get the girl.

8 is wealth, hence the rather in your face use of the no. 8 in all forms of advertising in Hong Kong.

This old geezer to me is a bit of a tragic figure as he cleans the streets around Tai Kok Tsui in Kowloon.... it is about time he was at home with his feet up, watching the tele and drinking a cup of hot coco... the reality is a little grimmer as you can see

A lot of stuff our Government does is fine by me but I really hate the idea of asking people to snitch, smacks of 1984 and North Korea and Commie rule .... most people hate snitches / rats / informers.... what's the saying, once a snitch always a snitch.

The Pagani Hypercar