Star Ferry Hong Kong | Recruiting is a problem for the iconic Star Ferry

Riding on the MTR in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong hearse, the ladies enjoying their day out at Stanley, a BMW M3 rocks along at high speed and a night view from my spot at the Peak.

This Star Ferry employee looks a bit jaded doesn't he? and who can blame him, he probably wants to hang up his sailor suit and enjoy retirement.

The Star Ferry is facing recruitment issues because the young folk of Hong Kong are simply not interested in manual labour particularly if the work is outdoors... such a shame... in the past couple of years I have seen ONE young chap working on a Star Ferry, the work is hardly back breaking but it probably is a little tedious, the Company pays a fair wage so it is a bit perplexing that no one wants to work on a ferry.


I love our Subway system and that's a fact, the MTR opened another 6 stations in late 2016 including the long awaited South Island Line... simply brilliant... one of the fun aspects of any subway system is simply to people watch, there is a very simple pleasure to be had in just watching people do what people do......

Just thought I would slip in another Pagani image and the fabulous death stare from the rich chap driving... amazing car

The typical Hong Kong hearse - every now and then you see a more US style hearse but this design is still the common one in Hong Kong, it is quite an odd looking vehicle.

Mum and daughter enjoying their time in Stanley on a hot, sunny summer's day......

This is still my favourite Temple image (The Pak Tai Temple in Wanchai) and is one of my top 10 images in terms of views, I do like it!

I am a huge supercar fan but at the same time I love the BMW M series cars, particularly the M3 shown above which is pretty darn sporty.... love it!

Hong Kong is rather special at night, here is a night shot taken from my spot at the Peak and the big golden glow is the Hong Kong port, the 5th largest in the world....

Posted on January 9, 2017 and filed under Iconic Hong Kong.