Hong Kong Private Food Tours | Hong Kong Chicken feet, for God's sake, why?

The giant bag spotted in Stanley Market, the long, line for the iconic Afternoon Tea in the amazing Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, the cars belonging to senior Government Ministers in Hong Kong, the Sheraton Hotel and the awesome Lamborghini on Garden Road.

You will never convince me in a thousand lifetimes that a chicken foot is real food, this is precisely why I do not do food tours in Hong Kong, it might be a staple in Hong Kong but it is just not me.

On the other hand I am more than happy to a steak tour.. I bet the medicinal properties of this meal far outweigh the benefits of a dodgy chicken foot!

Oh my gosh, I have never seen a backpack as big as this which I spotted in Stanley Market, perhaps you could carry your 5ft 5inch girlfriend in it whilst climbing a hill??

The amazing, iconic Peninsula Hotel.... and boy is their afternoon tea a big hit to the point when on most days there is quite a long line which can be a blessing and a curse... luckily most Asian people have no particular issue lining up for food!

Our Chief Executive is currently C.Y. Leung, this is his official car

The car of the Chief Secretary in Hong Kong (No. 2 position in the Government)

The car of the Financial Secretary in Hong Kong

The car of the Chief Justice in Hong Kong

The car of the Senior Justice in Hong Kong

Lamborghini Aventador bogged down in traffic!!!

The fabulously located Sheraton Hotel and home to my favourite steak house, Mortons of Chicago... awesome!!

Walk down Old Peak Road from the Peak and this is what you will see.....

Awesome McLaren XX 155 and boy, I love this car

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Posted on January 5, 2017 and filed under Cars + Car License Plates.