J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Smoke and mirrors from the Panda Hotel Hong Kong

5 random Hong Kong supercars, the Bruce Lee statue in the Garden of Stars, the new Burger King in SOHO and recently departed frogs enjoy their last moments of a miserable life.

This is the official image of the Panda Hotel in Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong - note it is a night time shot and then look below

.... and here is the harsh reality, the Panda Hotel in daylight!! it is in an ugly downtrodden neighbourhood far away from town... it is one of the ugliest hotel facades I have ever seen and you have to admire the smoke and mirrors expertise of the Panda Hotel Marketing Department who also managed to remove all of the Soviet style housing blocks in the vicinity!! brilliant....

My favourite Porsche GT 3 RS

My favourite Ferrari in Hong Kong

My new favourite Maserati and my first car image in 2017

Pagani, hand made in Italy, this is a special edition Zonda and my favourite car image

Rolls Royce Phantom, what an amazing car

The Bruce Lee Statue in the Garden of Stars in TST East

Burger King and Carlsberg! the newly opened fast food outlet is a hit in SOHO!

Frogs have a miserable short lived existence don't you think?, these 2 were just about to be beheaded, skinned, turned inside out and gutted. Oh well.

Heather and Cale enjoying the amazing views from my spot at the Peak

Posted on January 5, 2017 and filed under Iconic Hong Kong.