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Visiting the Sai Wan War Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery in Happy Valley and St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery also in Happy Valley, the Pagani hypercar - truly amazing, the geriatric drug dealer in Wanchai, Operation Building Bright - the Governments painting operation to brighten up dreary residential areas and Kimberly & Emma visit my spot at the Peak.

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The Sai Wan War Cemetery in Chaiwan

It is hard to get to as it is at the very Eastern end of Hong Kong Island up in the hills but golly what a beautiful place it is to visit.

Popular with Canadians it is one of the few places left in Hong Kong that remembers the 2nd World War and the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong.

The easiest way to visit is by taking a taxi.

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The Jewish Cemetery in Happy Valley

I am not a morbid person but I do like to spend time in the cemeteries in Hong Kong it is a fascinating look back at the history of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a small Jewish population and I have to say my new favourite cemetery is the Jewish Cemetery in Happy Valley, it is tucked away in a middle class neighbourhood and very hard to find unless you know what you are looking for - you walk 50 yards down a path and then like a secret garden it just appears.

The grave above is for Lady Kadoorie, the Kadoories are the most famous Jewish family in Hong Kong and they are woven into the fabric of Hong Kong history and society.

What a splendid place to visit.

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St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley

I have been here plenty of times and I love to look at the very baroque style old grave stones and such, it is probably our most crowded cemetery as well! at some of the kiddy gravestones you just feel like weeping.

Like the other cemeteries I visit, it is a fascinating peek into the history of Hong Kong.

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The Pagani - incredible hypercar

There are cars and cars and then there is a Pagani Zonda as seen above, isn't it simply magnificent, I have only seen this car twice in 4 years and both times at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong's Business District.


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Meet the Fischers

From left to right - Kimberly and Emma

What a lovely day we had, it was hot and sunny and thanks guys for booking one of my private walking tours of Hong Kong.... here we are at the Peak on Lugard Road enjoying the fabulous city views from my spot at the Peak.

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Petty crime in Wanchai

There is a spot at Wanchai MTR Station where people stand and avoid the rain, I did during a heavy rainstorm and I was fascinated with the goings on around me as I stuck around for 45 minutes.

The old geezer in the grey shirt was selling drugs, he had 5 clients in 45 minutes ( he was not handing out candy that's for sure ) - the lady in the pinkish shirt was selling smuggled cigarettes (or those that have fallen off the back of a lorry) for HK$27 for a pack of 20, it was Hilton Brand and retail here is around HK$58 a pack., she was doing a roaring trade.

I have seen these people many times over the years but never thought anything of it, they just do not look like criminals!!

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Chinese Medicine Shops in Chinatown

Hong Kong has a Chinatown you ask?? I often get people asking me to take them to Chinatown (actually, Hong Kong is just one big Chinatown) so I do.

We go to Sai Ying Pun in Western District where seemingly one street has hundreds of stores that look like this selling dried seafood, sharks fin (sorry) and all sorts of "medicine" that may or may not cure you of every condition known to medical science, one of my personal favourites is the little packet of gunk that "resolves phlegm" ! (that's snot to you and me) the mind just boggles.

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

I love this car, when I first saw it I though the paint job was a bit iffy but it has grown on me and it is one of the most distinctive cars on Hong Kong roads.

Truly magnificent.

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Operation Building Bright.

The Hong Kong Government has a department called the URA (Urban Renewal Authority) that over the past few years has transformed some dreary districts by giving tatty old buildings a makeover.

One of the things you notice when walking the streets of Hong Kong is how in many districts it feels decidedly rundown, we have many, many thousands of buildings that look ghastly because here no one wants to spend money on maintaining a buildings exterior walls or outside plumbing.

This is a very famous building in Wanchai and I have to say that they did a great job on fixing up the building exterior.

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Central District on Hong Kong Island

At the opposite end to the decaying apartment blocks all over Hong Kong you get the magnificent skyscrapers in the Business District.

The main building in the image is Cheung Kong Centre and one of my personal favourites, I cannot really explain why I like it so much I just do... it is on the site of the old Hilton Hotel which used to be my favourite Hotel in Hong Kong in the 1970's


Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy