Hong Kong Premium Private Tours | SantaCon 2016, 100's of drunken Santa's

Fancy cakes in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the view from the Intercontinental Hotel lobby, an awesome and quite rare Aston Martin Zagato and regular people riding the MTR in Hong Kong.. oh and an awesome Ferrari at the Peninsula Hotel.

Yep, that's me getting the evil eye from an evil Santa, well a drunken Santa at the very least, throughout today (December 10th 2016) on tour we saw hundred's of drunken Santa's roaming the streets of Hong Kong... something to do with an event called SantaCon.... well, whatever makes you happy and they all congregated on the somewhat seedy Lockhart Road in Wanchai by the girlie bars.

Oh my, what a gorgeous Ferrari, spotted on Garden Road, the Ferrari red is so vibrant, this is model 458 and to me an absolute classic.

I have to admit that the chocolate people at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong are world class, the creations they make are absolutely outstanding and are real works of art.. they are on display on the Mezzanine floor at the Cafe Causette... every now on then on my private walking tours we pop in!

The Intercontinental Hotel lobby is famous for it's lobby views particularly at night time, the views are quite stunning and yes I have been known to stop in there on my private walking tours of Hong Kong ( yes, a shameless plug for me!) - seriously a drink in the lobby lounge at night simply takes your breath away.

Oh my gosh, I appreciate the colour is not to everyone's taste (Craig!) but lordy what a drop dead GORGEOUS car, an Aston Martin Zagato which is quite rare in Hong Kong. I can only imagine the pleasure that owning this beast gives to the owner, he has a lot of class in my book.

Just another day on the MTR, you always see interesting people on the trains

Oh gosh, what an amazing Ferrari - this one getting valet parked at the amazing Peninsula Hotel which is great for car spotting... on my private walking tours of Hong Kong I consider a visit to the Peninsula Hotel a must!

The bubble man, a shame he does not do this on a regular basis as he can really whip up a storm.. he is sometimes seen down at the Star Ferry pier in TST Kowloon.

A gaggle of Aussie women on Wyndham Street Hong Kong

Porsche GT3 RS - HOUSE, awesome car