Things to do in Hong Kong with Kids | Crossing the road in Hong Kong

The LGBT Lions at HSBC Headquarters, The US Consulate Official Car, the random guy on the blue motorbike, the Central Business District and the famous spiral staircase in Central.

Most of our street crossings are a little busy! this one is in Mong Kok in Kowloon.

The LGBT Lions at HSBC Hong Kong headquarters with a couple of employees going a bit daft... the Lions have certainly caused a bit of a stir in a very conservative Hong Kong.

One of my favourite images - the US Consulate official BMW, how very cool..

Blue guy, blue bike - very cool... on Garden Road in the Central Business District.

This is the famous spiral staircase that leads up to the overpass (Garden Road) where I do a lot of car photography.. they are pretty steep for a fat git like me!!

One of my favourite images in the Central Business District, City Hall, the Cenotaph, IFC 2, Jardine House, Exchange Square and a glimpse of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

This is Arthur in his amazing blue Porsche GT3 RS I love this car.....

Posted on December 10, 2016 .