Private Tours of Hong Kong | A very rich bloke and his Fat Boy Harley Davidson

The Spandex nutters on bikes creating mayhem on our roads, proof that Traffic Cops do give out tickets every now and then and the iconic Peak Tram with out of control lines

My friend has a couple of mean machines, this is his amazing Harley D motorbike with the biggest rear wheel I have seen on a motorbike!! for his sins he is also a member of the Hong Kong Country Club

... and when he can't be bothered with the Harley he takes out his Audi R8 for a spin !!

I give you the spandex nutter, I have to admit the bike looks cool but here is an image you do not want rattling around in your head, me in purple spandex on a bike!!

A traffic cop on his whizzo electric bike makes a stop opposite the Hong Kong Country Club to give out some tickets to patrons who illegally park...

The iconic Peak Tram - something everyone should go on, it is just a pity that the lines are out of control and are getting worse, you know you have a problem when there are companies set up offering you cheap tickets which bypass the official line / skip the queue with the result that the regular lines just get longer and longer.. a 1 to 2 hour line is common all day and night 7 days a week.

I do love taking pictures of nice cars with great number plates!

Posted on January 10, 2016 .