Best Tours for Seniors Hong Kong | The crazy lines for the Big Buddha Cable Car

A rather ticked off poisonous snake tries to bite me!, the iconic Star Ferry sign and the Antonuccio's enjoy the view from my spot at the Peak

The boys and girls at the NP 360 / Big Buddha attraction have been messing around with the lining up procedures at the Tung Chung Terminal - yesterday 31.12.15 was madness and mayhem, this was the line just to buy the tickets for the cable car to the Big Buddha and it stretched way beyond this sign shown here... and once you have the ticket you join the line for the actual cable car which is just as long!!

These days I simply take the Bus No. 23 from the bus terminal next door to the Big Buddha, it saves a great deal of time...oh and they have raised their prices yet again.

I am at the point were I am overcoming my fear of poisonous snakes although this little bugger tried very hard to bite me.. it was very aggressive and a jolly good job it was in a cage. Mind you it spends all day watching it's brethren being sliced, diced, butchered etc to be turned into snake soup and snake wine.. I would be a little ticked off! .

The absolutely ICONIC Star Ferry

Dana, David, Mum and the girls enjoying the staggering views from my spot at the Peak

Bamboo scaffolding - it is just the way it is done in Hong Kong.

Not a motorbike you see everyday in Hong Kong - Harley Davidson!

Posted on January 1, 2016 .