Personal Walking Tours of Hong Kong | The amazing dancing crab at the Peak

The lady with the LV bag and the amazing Mercedes Benz, a lizard eyeballs me at the Peak and me taking a picture of a guy taking a picture of me!

I was 1,375 feet above sea level near my spot at the Peak and I came across this rather bizarre sight of a crab eyeballing me! there isn't a lot of wildlife at the Peak so I think this must be the apex predator up there! -

My focus was on the awesome half metallic Mercedes Benz in the background, it was only later I noticed the lady and her LV bag - a perfect fit for the guy driving the Benz! -

I image the lizard was lunch for the amazing dancing crab by now! I was amazed I got the shot as they scurry off when they see me coming...

I was photgraphing cars and this taxi zipped by and I got this image of me taking a picture of the guy taking a picture of me! -

The Superstar Virgo is a gambling ship, here it is returning to Hong Kong on a glorious summers day last week....

Posted on August 5, 2015 .