Best Private Tours Hong Kong | Custom + Lucky Car Number Plates in Hong Kong

My collection of Hong Kong custom and lucky car number plates grows daily, as of July 24th 2015 it stands at 6,500+ !

TMNT = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My interest is NOT just fancy cars like McLaren's / Lamborghini's / Pagani's / Ferrari's etc I just love the sheer volume of custom and lucky number plates on show in Hong Kong.

People here pay big money particularly for lucky number plates (when you are in Hong Kong notice how many cars have combinations of 6, 8 +9 on the number plate) - one of my favourites is the plate that simply states 666

The basic translation

  • 6 = easy life
  • 8 = wealth
  • 9 = long life

One of most popular images is the car with the number plate 1    .... yes the single digit one which is on the Police Commissioners car, over 2,000 views!

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