Hong Kong Private Tour Guide | A typical rainy day in Hong Kong, cats and dogs!

Visiting Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island, the Pulse Mall at Repulse Bay comes to life after years of being empty and amazingly we still have hundreds of shops selling ivory.

Boy, when it rains here it pours down, we had about 16 inches of rain between May 20th and May 27th and it caused a few problems....... the rainstorm above dumped over 3 inches of rain on Wong Tai Sin in 25 minutes!!

Give credit to the ice cream guy for sticking it out

Me taking refuge on the Star Ferry on May 23rd during a violent thunderstorm

Visiting Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island is always an interesting diversion for a couple of hours! -

I am absolutely delighted that the Pulse Mall in Repulse Bay is now full of tenants and the best part is that the shops cater to local folk and not Mainland Chinese tourists... the mall must have been empty for over 4 years!! Yahoo! -

It is a rather beautiful ivory dragon but it is about time our Government banned the sale of ivory trinkets and such in Hong Kong

Posted on May 31, 2015 .