Hong Kong Greeters Private Car Tours | Joseph Simmons of RUN DMC fame, here!

An amazing view of Hong Kong from the Peak at dusk, the rich guys in their Maybach's and a frog contemplates avoiding the cooking pot at the Peak.

I was lurking around the Peak Tram on Garden Road a few weeks ago when the people I was with pointed out that the chap in the black track suit was the famous rapper Joseph Simmons from RUN DMC fame... I was a bit worried about his daughter who pulled off one of the best gurns in the history of gurning! -

I am a frequent visitor to the Peak but it is rare that I am there at dusk and managed to get this shot....

The Maybach is the must have car for our super rich billionaires, lovely car and I am glad that Mercedes Benz have brought it back... I am getting the evil eye from the bodyguard in the front passenger seat!

One of my rare shots of a frog in the wild, I spotted this one at the Peak, hopefully it will lead a long and happy life and not end up in someone's pot! -

Motorbikes are pretty popular here but unlike other Asian cities most of the bikes here are very fancy, very expensive and very fast.... this is fairly typical Hong Kong motorbike.....

Posted on May 21, 2015 .