Hong Kong Night Tour | Getting the death stare at the Chungking Mansions

A rather splendid old Rolls Royce going past the Hong Kong Country Club, the rather odd advertising for a mahjong parlour in Hong Kong and the people that walk in front of me when I am trying to take a photo....

The ChungKing Mansions in TST, Kowloon is one of our more colourful buildings and has a solid reputation for being populated by nefarious characters. Now, not for a moment am I suggesting that the chap giving me the death stare is of that ilk! but hanging around a dodgy alley at the back of a dodgy building looking shifty gives the wrong impression.

What a beautiful old Rolls Royce spotted at one of my favourite haunts, the Hong Kong Country Club and I was delighted to see a large family in it and really enjoying the ride - brilliant.

Spot the world "leaders"! some rather close to the bone advertising at a dodgy mahjong club on Temple Street in Jordan.....

You would be amazed at the number of people who walk in front of me when I am trying to take a photograph, I must be invisible! here I was trying to take a picture of the white Tesla.

Oh lordy - what a fabulous non bog standard Ferrari.... I love red Ferrari's but every now and then.....

.....and I like Harley's as well, this is quite a popular model in Hong Kong.

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Posted on March 16, 2015 .