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The sad life of a frog in Hong Kong and this is one has now been deceased for a day, Margaret and the gang go to Stanley on the bus and some rather bizarre Indonesian Maids

In the distance lording over everyone is the rather magnificent Harrow International School which has been open a while now.... very impressive.

Not a happy life for a frog in Hong Kong, they sit with family and friends in a cage for 24 hours before getting their heads lopped off. Frogs have become quite popular here and you can see them at most wet markets contemplating the frog afterlife. -

Spent the day with Margaret, Martin, Gary and Linda before putting them on a bus to Stanley, got this image of them sat on the best seats on bus # 260....

Some of our very hard working Indonesian Maids go off the reservation on a Sunday... how very odd

We had our first mass protest last Sunday since the Occupy Protests in 2014 and I have to question why these young people would do this, I admire their spirit but this is just ever so slight provocative.

Posted on February 3, 2015 .