Hong Kong Private Cultural Tour | Man Mo Temple, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

Electric cars are becoming a big deal in Hong Kong (but mainly the Tesla), flat geese do nothing for my taste buds and the new turnstiles are our 2 new MTR stations.

The Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road is probably the best known and most famous Temple in Hong Kong primarily because it is heavily promoted by the Tourist Board here and just about every coach tour in Hong Kong ends up there, this is not an endorsement of the Temple!

The Temple is fine but it suffers from extreme overcrowding and always has an overwhelming smell of incense... you can see clouds of the stuff coming out of the two entrances. By all means go, it is very photogenic but there are much better Temples around Hong Kong.

This is NOT a Tesla, this is the brilliant BMW i8.. an all electric car which is streets ahead of the Tesla in my book. It is simply unbelievable just how popular the Tesla has become in Hong Kong (the sedan Model S, not the crappy little sports car).

Flat geese do nothing for my taste buds

These are the new ticket turnstiles at Kennedy Town Station and pretty spiffy they are as well, much better than the ones in our older stations.

I am not a fan of black and white images.. ut every now and then it is fun to see one, so here is one from my spot at the Peak on a somewhat hazy day.

Posted on January 27, 2015 .