Kid Friendly Tour Hong Kong | The Magnificent Deborah and her pink car!

The amazing Big Buddha in Hong Kong, reading a newspaper whilst the car drives you and cycling in Hong Kong.

Deborah is rather magnificent isn't she...... she is the owner of this somewhat garish pink Rolls Royce Phantom (shades of Lady Penelope from the Thunderbirds) - she has of course got the frightfully daring number plate which simply says DEBORAH.

....and talking of magnificent..... I am a huge fan of the Big Buddha, it makes for a great day out!

Tesla has been in the news here for the self driving car, this is the poor man's Tesla, this chap appears to be reading the newspaper whilst the car is self driving!!

Sunday is Spandex Nutter day when all the cyclists resplendent in colourful lycra take to the roads on their fancy bikes.. pity that most of the cyclists are male, probably a good idea as the ladies tend to cause traffic jams.

This is for all of those people that are incredulous at the thought of cars driving along Lugard Road at the Peak... PROOF!!

Judy, Jenny, Peter and Paul enjoying the rather splendid views from my spot at the Peak

Posted on November 11, 2015 .