Hong Kong Last Minute Private Tour | H & M at Murray House, Stanley

The amazing new Merdedes AMG GT S again........., the up and coming and amazingly talented artist Rob Pointon from England paints at my spot at the Peak and the Octopus card reader in a butchers shop in Mong Kok.

I have nothing against H & M, I do not personally buy from them but I am sure they are a fine retailer but there is something wrong in Hong Kong when Murray House, a listed building in Stanley allows H & M to take over a huge chunk of the building.

Stanley is a wonderful old colonial place on the South Side of Hong Kong Island, it is not busy during the week but comes alive on a weekend (which I am sure H & M has factored into their calculations) it just seems so out of place and detracts from the ambience of the place...

A lot of local folk will probably now think that H & M will bring in all the high end jewelllery stores and then a bunch of other retailers will then flock to Stanley and then the Mainland Chinese Tourists will then arrive by the busload...

The amazing new Mercedes Benz AMG GT S

Same car different colour, this is one beast of a car and I have now seen it in 3 colours - this Mercedes Benz AMG GT S is one amazing car and this one has a very lucky number plate.

Meet Rob. Rob is quite the talent and a quite famous up and coming artist from Emgland, the 2 pictures he is working on are work in progress... he loved the views from my spot at the Peak! -

I had to laugh when I saw the Octopus Card reader at this butchers stall in Mong Kok street market, it just looked so out of place!

Meet Debra, Debra's Mum, Debra's daughter Isobel and Debra's Mum's friend Doreen enjoying the amazing views from my spot at the Peak, ladies, it was a pleasure!

Posted on October 29, 2015 .