Hong Kong Private Kid Friendly Tour | Let sleeping kids lie

The blue winged bug that kills spiders, Ferrari's at the Four Seasons Hotel and Steve and Naomi take in the view from my spot at the Peak.

These poor kids were totally zonked out!!

I have often seen these blue winged bugs at the Peak and often wondered if they were poisonous and yes, they are, this poor spider was dead in a nanosecond after being bitten by said bug

Volkswagen Beetle, same colour as the bug!

The fabulous Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong is a great place to view fancy cars - how about these two amazing Ferrari's then!!

Steve and Naomi taking in the gobsmacking views from my spot at the Peak

A Nepalese security guard keeps watch over one of the famous HSBC Lions ( I rub it's bottom every time I walk by, for luck you understand)

Posted on October 25, 2015 .