Night Tour of Hong Kong | People who distract me on the Streets of Hong Kong

Amazing single digit car number plates in Hong Kong, the young ladies that distract me when I am photographing cars and Vinessa enjoys the amazing view of Hong Kong at night

It is not like I am invisible when I am photographing cars and yet I always get moron's walking in front of me just as I am pressing the button! so much for the nice Lamborghini!

What I do means I am on the streets all the time and therefore I am lucky enough to pursue my passion of car number plates - single digit plates are highly prized in Hong Kong and this is NOT my first image of this car but it is my best image. oh, 4 translates to DEATH! This was taken outside the Hong Kong Club where the billionaires hang out!

Amazingly I got the number 4 image and the number 9 image within 2 hours on the same day.. right place right time! 9 translates to LONG LIFE. This image was taken at the Peninsula Hotel. -

This young lady walked in front of me 3 times over a 20 minute period! very distracting when I am trying to take images of fancy cars!

Vinessa enjoying the remarkable view of Hong Kong at night from the Peak

Posted on October 22, 2015 .