Things to do with kids in Hong Kong | The most amazing Mickey Mouse ever

Sleeping whilst riding your motorbike seems to be quite common in Hong Kong, it is no fun being a fish in a Hong Kong wet market and the culture of gambling in Hong Kong.

Isn't it amazing!! you can see it at Chow Tai Fook in ISquare on Nathan Road / Peking Road in TST, Kowloon

10.58kg worth around US$455,000!

The amazing Chow Tai Fook, a real Hong Kong success story - they have very close to 2,000 stores in Hong Kong and China and in one of their larger shops they have this truly remarkable Mickey Mouse statue made out of solid, pure 24k gold. 10.58kg worth about US$455,000

I appreciate it does not have the same level of news worthiness as the once fabled solid gold toilet that a Jewellery Factory had on the premises but it is a real attraction and I imagine someone will buy it!

I see this quite often - the rider with eyes closed, is it they are blinking or sleeping or are just enjoying the moment?

A lot of fish at our wet markets are descaled and gutted whilst still flapping..

...and more often than not the fish will spend ages out of water showing off their "freshness" to the public

A simple game of Chinese Checkers in Tsuen Wan will attract the hardcore gamblers....

A gorgeous Mercedes Benz at the Kowloon Shangri - la Hotel - love the design of the rear lights and I would be grinning if I owned a car like this.

This is the very interesting sign at the main entrance to the Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Even expat Bankers are known to use the buses!

This is NOT the pre - wedding photography -  this is a model showing off wedding dresses in Central

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Posted on March 6, 2014 .