Private Half Day Tour Hong Kong | One of the funniest names ever

The Borg have invaded Hong Kong and we will be assimilated!, a new apartment block up close and the wonderful Pak Tai Temple in Wanchai.

I mean, seriously!

I have to admit that the Avenue of the Stars on the TST waterfront is awfully cheesy but it is good for a laugh. This was a real actor from the 1950's - imagine going through life with this somewhat unusual name!

The Borg have invaded - we are all going to be assimilated, resistance is futile!

Up close to a new apartment block on Waterloo Road near Kowloon City

I am a huge fan of the Pak Tai Temple on Lung On Street near the Blue House in Wanchai, it is old, moody / atmospheric and is normally deserted. You can get some great images...

I imagine that this chap has a system and can lay his hands on anything in 10 seconds

I am getting quite creative with my flower shots.

The Volendam Cruise Ship docked at the Ocean Terminal - we are getting a lot more cruise ships this year compared to 2013.


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Posted on February 21, 2014 .