Hong Kong Tours | The amazing world of cars and number plates in Hong Kong

The awesome matte BMW, car wars on the roads of Hong Kong and the little old ladies that sit in the back of our luxury cars.

Some of the most amazing cars in the world are in Hong Kong and if you are a car spotter and you are prepared to put in the legwork then the rewards are staggering -

I am not all about supercars and hypercars - I love this very simple BMW that has been modified to make it look really, really cool

Most of the time I like to stand in a specific spot and it looks like cars are racing each other - I call it car wars

Quite often when you see our really luxurious cars (Rolls Royce, Bentley's, Maybach's etc) you will see a little old lady in the back of the car!

I am just a little obsessed with car number plates / vanity plates - my quest is to get images of the number plates between 1 - 100 (that's 100 cars out of 529,000 over 410 square miles and I have 38 already!)

American cars do not have much status here but this is one of my favourites

the rear view!

Sometimes the Police take action against cars parked illegally (here at the Hong Kong Country Club) also the car whizzing by with the number plate FS is our Financial Secretary! I often see him on a Sunday in his official car.

One of my favourite Mercedes Benz - cool.

My favourite Audi R8

My name is Bond, James Bond and I just love an Aston Martin

Oh, so, so cool the awesome McLaren

A Ferrari is a very common sight on the roads of Hong Kong and I love them.

I have yet to see a Bugatti Veyron on the road - magnificent.

Hypercar - handmade in Italy, here it is US$2 million, I give you the Pagani Zonda which is the most amazing car on the planet.

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Posted on October 31, 2014 .