Hong Kong Tour with a local | who decided you had to wear spandex to ride a bike?

The couple admiring a Mercedes Benz with a lucky number plate, Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island - worth exploring and the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong in 3 images.

Sunday in particular is when the super fit alpha males and females don spandex and cause mayhem on our roads.. one of life's little mysteries is why you need to wear spandex to enjoy a bike ride, anybody even a kg overweight bulges in all the wrong places.

... this guy is more than 1kg overweight - I rest my case!

.... and frankly who cares if she is a kg overweight!! wow!

A Mainland Chinese couple admire a US$250,000 Mercedes Benz in TST, Kowloon - lovely car and a very lucky number plate that denotes a very easy life and wealth.

Hollywood Road is quite an interesting road, art galleries, temples, interesting shopping, coffin shops etc

The somewhat iconic and wonderful Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon

The Peninsula Hotel can actually send a helicopter to pick you up from the airport, it will then land on the roof of the Peninsula - not a bad way to travel!

There is something incomparable about getting picked up at the airport and driven to the Peninsula Hotel in one of their 14 iconic Rolls Royce Phantom's in British Racing Green - sublime - This Peninsula Rolls Royce is 60 seconds away from the Hotel.

A more explosive means of transport - the Ducati motorbike, probably the best selling superbike in Hong Kong.

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Posted on October 26, 2014 .