Hong Kong Last Minute Tour | The bloody scary clown at Victoria Peak

It was kicking off in Mong Kok today, but not in Central and the crazy window cleaners doing the windows outside of the 116th Floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong!

This chap is American, this chap is a haunted clown, I hate clowns, always have always will - I blame the TV Series IT by Stephen King and the evil clown played by Tim Curry. I HATE CLOWNS!!

Myself, Brandon and Travis witnessed a little ruckus in Mong Kok today which saw about 20 riot police come charging in... they should have sent in the bloody clown.

Nothing going on in Central, my solution - send in the clowns!

Well, at least it's not a clown, here I was minding my own business slurping some absurdly good coffee in the Ritz Carlton Lounge on the 116th floor when this rig bumped against the window... bloody nutters! cleaning windows at that height!!

The Superstar Virgo sailing out of Hong Kong on October 20th 2014 - pity the clown wasn't on board.

Brandon and Travis ponder the rather quiet Occupy Central site in Central - like me they were thinking 100 clowns would work as well.

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Posted on October 21, 2014 .