Best Night Tour in Hong Kong | Hong Kong by night, it is very, very different

The Temple Street Night Market Hong Kong is worth a visit, the ongoing street protests in Mong Kok and random street shots at night and all done without a tripod.

Temple Street Night Market, yeah it sells trashy stuff, the food is horrible and overpriced but do take the time to do some people watching, the whole area is a red light district and there are normally 25 / 40 prostitutes propping up walls.. it is all quite fascinating and the place has a buzz to it.

A typical stall at Temple Street - lots of trash and stuff on sale

Mong Kok street protests - I have a great respect for our Police and fully support what they are doing against unruly mobs.

Mong Kok street protests - it never seems to occur to anyone that the constant press reporting + the fact that everyone has a camera phone means that the protesters deliberately provoke the Police into action so that they can claim Police brutality - these are not peaceful protesters they are thugs trying to discredit the Police.

Mong Kok street protests - the guy in the mask, goggles and hard hat with a stupid umbrella is a "student" protester - if his intentions were peaceful he would not be dressed like this - it is time they wheeled out the water cannons, I imagine these would be a lot more effective than batons and pepper spray.

No Police Force anywhere in the civilised world would tolerate what these people are doing.

One of our red top minibuses - I would absolutely advise against taking one as the drivers drive like maniacs!! particularly at night.

A typical newspaper stall - the old bloke is probably granddad and the young lady his grand daughter, they are sat there probably 350 days a year, 15 hours a day in all types of weather.

No set of Hong Kong by night images would be complete without a shot of the city by night from my spot at the Peak and this was taken hand held without a tripod! - image taken on October 8th 2014

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Posted on October 20, 2014 .